Been crafting items for friends & family, and my daughter thinks others would like what I make. Time to destash and spread the bounty.
Well still no online catalog. However, I've sold a few scarfs to friends at some of the local sales. Will be carrying some when I leave for Hawaii next week, so look for me in Honolulu.

Deb, me & ANNIE!!!
I finally got to meet Annie Smith of the Quilting Stash podcast this summer after listening to her for over 3 years. She has been a link to quilters wanting to find out what's on offer in Bangkok. Several members of my local quilt group have found us this way, plus a few tourists. As to the fame bit, Annie mentioned meeting me on her current podcast, including pics of the goodies I left with her. Now I just need to get the catalog done. Figure out today that scanning won't work, color don't appear right to me, so will be photographing everything in natural light. Of course it is the rainy season now and the weather did not cooperate today.



    An American-Japanese expatriate who moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 1995. Formally learned to quilt in 1998 after having a lifelong fetish for fabrics. Now I want other quilters to enjoy what Thailand has to offer.


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